Eastar ERS-1GP German Soprano Recorder 8 Hole C Key

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Color: Green
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Eastar ERS-1GG 3 Piece C German style Student Soprano Recorder,Dark Green
  • Eastar's ERS - 1G Series are definitely not good-looking toys with the shape of recorders. We use the highest standards in the records industry to create it. We wanted to dedicate music to every age group, so we designed and made ERS - 1G multi-colored series.
  • The fingering system, intonation, basic timbre, bright sound and steady air flow that should be providedwith the beginning recorders are all possessed by this series.We are hoping that music can replace us to accompany you and your loves.

  • Gift:Good gift for beloved or beginner
  • Voice: Clear voice,bright tone
  • Fingering: German fingering style
  • Note:May have some air bubbles in cleaning rod (No impact)
Eastar Would Never Disappointed You
Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians.
When you buy from Eastar, you are going to buy from a company that took quality seriously. Eastar's component serial number can control the product to a stable and high quality. There are also two quality inspections at the factory. Eastar insists on making good products and is offer great customer support

Eastar Design
We won't make an integrated mouthpiece at will just because it is a low-cost color series recorder. Eastar's engineers still designed an independent mouthpiece for it. For beginners, this specially designed mouthpiece is easier to blow, easier to control and also lead to less howling with more bright sound at the same time.
German Style
We add a symbol ‘G’ to distinguish German between Baroque style. German fingering is friendly to beginners. They do not need to change their fingering at F to perform more smoothly. Moreover, Eastar designed the distance of sound holes, which can reduce the problem of inaccurate tones caused by fingering changes.
3-Piece construction
Many recorders are of two-section construction.. Although this structure has certain advantages in vibration when playing, it is very unfriendly to players whose Small tail fingers are not long enough. Eastar's engineers make the third section of the recorder in an integrated mold, making the recorder more compact and more beautiful in timbre.
maple wood recorder ABS recorder soprano recorder pink recorder soprano recorder recorder
Level Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner Beginner/ Intermediate Beginner/ Intermediate
Material Maple Wood ABS ABS ABS ABS Maple Wood
Key Style Baroque Baroque / German German German Baroque German
Color Wood Natural Sky Blue Pink Black Wood
Weight 0.77pounds / 0.4kg 0.62pounds / 0.28kg 0.31pounds / 0.14kg 0.28pounds / 0.13kg 0.31pounds / 0.14kg 0.77pounds / 0.4kg
Length 12.80’’/32.5cm 12.6’’/32cm 12.6’’/32cm 12.6’’/32cm 12.80’’/32.5cm 12.80’’/32.5cm
Case Hard Case Cloth Bag Cloth Bag PVC Bag Leather Bag Hard Case
Thumb Rest


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